Here at Blackwell's Jewelers, we specialize in creating custom designs. Whether we are designing a gift
for your mother, a pendant for yourself, or that extra special engagement ring for your fiancé, every minute
detail is gone over with a fine toothed comb. Do you have a ring from the 80's that sits in your drawer and you never
find a use or occasion for it? 95% of the time, we can take your stones and metal from those old, unwanted
pieces, and turn them into something new, exciting, and always breath taking.

With all custom designs, we start with a concept. We then take that idea and hand carve the design into
a wax model. Once the model is okayed, and is pleasing to the customer, we cast the model into the necessary metal. The casting
process generally takes 24 hours. Once the piece is in the raw casting, we then begin the finishing phase. The piece goes
through multiple stages of polishing and cleaning til it has a nice sheen. The jewelers finish each piece by setting any
necessary stones, and putting the final touch of a mirror finish polish.

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