We offer two different types of engraving. Learn more from the following:

Hand Engraving: Unlike machine engraving, hand engraving is an art. Hand engraved items are not
limited by curves, size fonts or templates. Items that are hand engraved can last generations.
Hand engravers use tools called gravers which are made from hardened tool steel
or tungsten carbide in different shapes and sizes. The tools are then sharpened
with either a sharpening stone or sharpening wheel. Sharpening the
gravers is an art all in and of itself. When items are hand
engraved, it becomes something you are proud to show
off. The engraver creates an heirloom that can
be enjoyed year in and year out. Each hand
engraved item is unique, personal,
and a work of art.

Machine Engraving: Machine engraving uses an engraving needle that guides across a template that cuts
the image into the metal. Engraving machines has some limitations on what can be engraved.
Items such as large picture frames and odd shaped object. We machine engrave
lots of baby cups, charms, pendants, and the inside of rings.

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