Marietta's one stop shop for all repairs! Our workshop is fully equiped to mend your jewelry as if it were
new. As a brief outline, we provide the following:

Ring Sizing: Our jewelers are able to size up or size down any silver, gold or platinum settings.
We also offer sizing methods for arthritic hands (that pesky problem
when the ring will go over the knuckle then spins when it is in place).

Prongs: A chain is only as strong as it's weakest link. Same goes for prongs. We do not simply
re-tip prongs. Instead, we run metal along the entire prong to ensure a nice,
sturdy structure that holds your stones.

Stone Setting: Whether your piece is missing a diamond, pearl, topaz, ruby, sapphire etc., we
can match and replace any missing stones as if they were never
gone. We can set any loose stones in an empty mounting. We
also tighten any loose stones.

Chain Soldering: We can solder any type of silver, gold or platinum chains or neckpieces.

Bracelet Repairs: From soldering breaks, adding or removing links, soldering charms, adding
safety clasps/chains, to adding stones, we can revive your
bracelets to look brand new once again.

Rhodium: Turn your yellows to white! Or, turn your whites, whiter! With a rhodium bath,
we can transform your old yellow gold items, to white sparkling
beauties. Cleaning agents and chlorine will speed the wear of
the rhodium, so remember to remove your items!

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